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If you can contribute any information, stories, photographs, names and personalities conected with the 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry then please contact me

Has anyone copies of the 'Yeoman' journal - produced from 1945 onwards - that I could either copy or purchase?

Keith Bingham writes:

My father Watson Bingham served in the 2DY during ww2 in C sqadron as a driver. He enlisted 6/5/39 until 1946. After the war he worked for Major Pat Macnaghten in Hampshire until 1948.

Any help or info most welcome.

Ronald Eric Martin

Hi, my great uncle, Ronald Eric Martin was a Trooper in the
Second Derbyshire Yeomanry during WW2, he was killed two
months after D-day, 12th Aug 1944, south of Caen, Normandy
just outside the village of Saint Sylvain.

We know very little about him, my grandfather was
heartbroken and never talked about his younger brother who
was just 20 at the time of his death. The family has no
photographs and we therefore don't know what he looked like,
he may very well appear in one of your photographs assuming
some date to the period before August 1944.

I would like to ask that if anyone is ever able to identify
Ronald in a photograph, that they could be put in touch with
me? The family would dearly love to know more about him. My
email address is

Sgt James Lloyd James

CWGC notes ; R.A.C. 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry aged 29 service nbr 3963431, died 16th June 1944. Son of Mr & Mrs John James of St Clears Carms husband of Dilys James of St Clears

My additions (Note this comes from my personal research into Family Military Headstone/Memorials and mentions of Military Personal between the years 1722 and 2006, in and around Pembrokeshire, some 2,500 in total.

Mr & Mrs James of J Corvus Terrace St Clears were informed on the 5th July 1944 that there son had been K.I.A. in France.

A letter to his wife said that Sergt James was killed instantaneously and went on to state that he was a most brave and efficient soldier of exemplary character his loss is keenly felt.

Sergt James joined the 4th Carms Territorials a few months before the commencement of the war and had ths served over 5 years. A brilliant scholar one of the best that has been through Whitland Cty School he intended to enter the teaching profession but instead went with his father into Carpentry and Cabinet making business. A member of the Capel Mair Congregational Chapel where he was Sunday School superintendent. Fond of football and cricket he had married since the outbreak of war.

If anyone can add any info surrounding the events on the day of his death I would appreciate to hear of it.

Owen Vaughan

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A James 1718217

Mark writes: 'Hi, I've just brought some wooden carvings signed with above. He was a trooper in 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry. He died aged 34 on 11th august 1944 in Normandy. Would liked to know where he served before any help would be great cheers Mark'.

Any info about these carvings or Trooper James please forward to:


Tpr 7899556 James Daley (jim)

R Honeybun writes: 'My grandad served with the 2DY in North Africa and then with 2LBH in Italy - sadly he died in the mid 1980's so as you can imagine I was hoping maybe to see him in one of the photos, but anyone who could maybe have recognised him have passed away even my mum had a hard time trying to pick him out. I have a regiment Chistmas Card that he sent to my G Grandmother and I have some of his records I was wondering if anybody you know may remember him'.

Can you spot Jim in any of the photos?

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